Route GTH

The route has run more than 80 km. Was planned jointly by all the participants of the first edition GoToHell so that it is above all a safe and interesting with perfectly collocated food. However, for all kinds of proposals for changes to the route we will be grateful. Comments should be sent to or using the contact form

On the map marked *
– GoToHell route for runners and athletes with disabilities,
– Start and finish points, and food,
– Ferry route from Hel Gdynia,
– Location of the showers and toilets in Hel,
– parking,
– The location of the organizational meeting (club Two Worlds in Gdynia Kosciuszko Square in front of the fountains)
– Road-Bahn (from Puck route runs along the route GoToHell if you will be able to drive such a Jurata where the finish line is about 10km or directly on the Hel so that together complete event).
* To display on the map the selected component from the legend, click the white square in the upper left corner and choose an interesting option.

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