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Ultra marathon GoToHell Gdynia – Hel 80km
Rules for participation in the race GoToHell July 16, 2016

GoToHell is an event organized by the non-profit peer runners for runners
to promote Polish ultramarathonów in Poland and abroad.

Organizer GoToHell: Informal club ultramarathonowy “Tough of Birth”
Contact the organizers: Marcin soil 721-557-864
@ @

– Start date: 16.07.2016r.
– Start time: 4:30.
– The starting point: Marina (marina) Gdynia.
– Points Food: Dębogórze, Osłonino, Puck, Wladyslawowo, Kuźnica, Jurata.
– Meta: Hel Seaside Boulevard (at the entrance to the port of Hel).
– The time limit of the race: 13h.
– Distance of route: about 80km.
– Increase / decrease in relative height of the route: + 206m / -219m.
– The maximum slope of the route: 15.6% / – 6.2%.
– Average slope route: +0.5% / – 0.5%.
– Surface route: asphalt, paving, road gravel, forest road, beach.
– The number on the start list is a number that identifies a player.
– Marking the route: discretionary prepared by the organizer (tables, signs painted with paint).
– Traffic on the route: the entire route open.

– Supports point food: backup team – volunteers who register to volunteer.
– Points Food: Dębogórze, Osłonino, Puck, Wladyslawowo, Kuźnica, Jurata.
– Points refresh: a bucket of water and as far as possible we will try to o or water curtains.
– Food and drinks: food and beverages shall be delivered on 07.15.2016 during a meeting in bags with clear number consisting of two parts, eg 2/5. The first part (2) is the player by the number of start list and a second member (5) means a point at which the food has hit a parcel.

Example: A bag with 2/5 mark belongs to Grzegorz Kwiatkowski and wait for him to be in the Forge.
no competitor / 1 – Dębogórze
no competitor / 2 – Osłonino
no competitor / 3 – Puck
no competitor / 4 – Władysławowo
no competitor / 5 – Kuźnica
no player / 6 – Yurt

– General classification of women without age categories.
– General classification of men without age categories.

– Timing gross will be conducted by a team of backup team.
– Official results will be posted on the website of the organizer and circulated in the media.

– Each player receives a fee commemorative T-shirt or other fixed object with mountains and a medal. If you manage to find a sponsor then maybe something else will take care of.

– Right off the GoToHell have people who: are of legal age or that until 16.07.2016r 18 years old and are found during the verification of identity document; sign a declaration on the absence of health and to an GoToHell voluntarily and on their own responsibility.

– Applications for GoToHell 2016 will be accepted via the application form available on the website from 07.30.2015 to 30.06.2016r.
– Final closing of the start list will take place on 30.06.2016r at 23:59.
– The fee for a medal, T-shirt and support backup team should be brought no later than 10 June 2016 the fixed amount to the bank account 87 1160 2202 0000 0000 5142 4564 with a corresponding note under the heading ‘T-shirt’ ‘medal’ “backup team” + shirt size.
– Estimated cost of the shirt-medal-45zł 35zł-30zł backup team. The amounts for the ingredients listed are subject to change due to the number of participants involved.
– In case of insufficient contributions to the account of the organizer for the support backup team organizer we reserve the right to withdraw the car supporting players. This information will be communicated after the deadline for payment is after 30.06.2016r.
– In case of cancellation of the competitor from the start after the expiry date 10/06/2016 do not pay brought by the participants of the entry fee.
– All costs associated with payment registration fee covers the payer.

– For the transfer to the organizer, correctly completed application form you agree and allow the processing and use given his personal data for the purpose of conducting the event GoToHell and including determine the winner and award issuance, acceptance and settlement awards, and on informing about future events, other products, as well as for internal administration and analysis.
– Data processing, in connection with participation in the framework GoToHell also includes the publication name and the name of the participant, together with the name of the place in which he resides in every way in which the published or distributed will design GoToHell.
– Transfer of personal data by the application form is voluntary, but the lack of or failure to consent to the processing prevents participation in GoToHell.
– Participant has the right to withdraw such consent and may do so at any time directing correspondence to the address of the organizer
– You have the right to inspect their personal data and correct them.
– All information regarding the participants obtained by the organizer and included in the startup form will be stored electronically.

– All participants in the GoToHell apply these rules.
– Lack of knowledge of regulations does not exempt from compliance with its provisions.
– The organizer reserves the right to conduct with each of the participants of the interview, taking pictures and filming him for the purposes of advertising, promotion, use the Internet or on radio and television broadcasts and for other purposes.
– The organizer reserves the right to free use around the world of all images, video footage, interviews and audio recordings depicting participants GoToHell by placing on media such as CD Rom, DVD, catalogs and media, on websites, in newspapers and on shows like also for the purpose of promotion and advertising related to the project.
– In place of the event it is prohibited from bringing drugs, no legal substance of enhancing physical performance and measures of alcohol of any kind.
– Participants are prohibited from taking such drugs and substances, both before and during the course of the condition of exclusion from it. If you find that a participant violates the above prohibition, the organizer reserves the right to prevent him to participate in a competition or exclude it in its course.
– Each participant of the event is obliged to participate in the competition with the smooth and fully charged cell phone.
– Organizer is not responsible for lost during the event.
– Run will be carried out regardless of weather conditions.
– Runners move with the principles of the Act “Law on Road Traffic.”
– Participation in the dinner Hel is voluntary and at their own expense.
– Return ferry from Hel Gdynia is voluntary and at their own expense.
– During the race organizer does not provide medical care.
– In cases not covered by Regulation decides Organizer.
– In order to receive T-shirts the players must have a photo ID for verification of personal data.
– Date and place of issuance of T-shirts will be established at the beginning of 2016.
– The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event without giving reasons.

Greetings and see you on tour …
Marcin Glebow