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Knowledge is that portion of the page that we would like to devote to gathering best practices. I therefore appeal to all those willing to write the questions and answers to them so that we can all benefit from the experience gained together.
All proposals for areas we should move here all the questions and answers, please send email will be published with the note name of the person who asked the question or did not answer. For a start I will ask questions on behalf of themselves and people who have any, they asked questions. I ask for answers.
1 How to arrange training to prepare for ultramarathonu GoToHell 80km?
2 What kind of diet and take as much time in front of ultra marathon?
3 What can and what not to eat and drink while running?
4 How to choose the outfit to ultramarathonu? What to remember?
5 Which crises can occur and how to deal with them during the race?
6 What good practices are used during ultramarathonów.
7 What you need to remember when running.
1 Training
As a rule, there are 3 basic goals that we can achieve in training. The first is speed endurance second and third power speed. Depending on the type of event and the distance and time in which we want to run the distance we choose the targets and the intensity of their implementation.
For GoToHell should mainly be set to build strength of 80% and 20% of the force-country skiing.
Strength speed must be built through long runs where we count time running and not defeated km. In other words, at the first practice we run 45 ‘to one side then return home. Another training lengthen for example, 15 ‘that is, we run 60’ of back and forth. In this way, enlarging the volume of training so that we build physical and mental strength. Considering that on average will run approximately 12 hours minimum necessary to overcome this resistance 80km speed of between 3.5 to 4 hours of continuous run or included 40km marathon.
The strength of speed you can build through the inclusion of training podbiegów from 500m to 1km. If in the area do not have any hills can be replaced eg running up to the 10th Floor. Land in the ascent to the feet feel like we intruded swell of warm blood and breath was somewhere in the middle of the road.
The minimum range for the week is two workouts. Pace of relaxed conversation while running.
To sum up, we can not run but as long as it hurts and as I hurt it continues until it stops hurting only then you can go back to the cottage ? Aaaaaa !!! Remember to run with a backpack and a wineskin full of water is about 1.5 kg to the weight of the body …. It makes a difference ?
4 How to choose the outfit to GoToHell
Of course, the type and length of the clothes we choose to expected weather conditions. But if we have a dilemma and by the end we do not know if it really is warm or cold it when choosing a dress remember about that as the distance traveled, our pace will decrease as a result of our muscle will produce less heat and will give them more harder to heat and cold is synonymous with … So if we have to choose long or short sleeve then I suggest you choose a long and possibly tuck it during the run. In addition, when packing things remember to carry in a backpack extra pair of socks, gloves and a hat or scarf on his head.
All the things that will complement our outfit must be pre-tested in training. Eliminate those that have contributed least to abrasions or fingerprints. Special attention turn on the briefs. It is best to invest in running pants made from a material that slides and the seams are made flat. Pants from an ordinary material act like a saw to get some moisture.
Very convenient solution is a backpack with a wineskin so that we can all the time to irrigate during the run.
5 Which crises can occur and how to deal with them
The crisis, regardless of what caused always mean the same thing … the lack of desire to continue the run … However, let us remember that this is the reaction of our minds to the circumstances in which we find ourselves, and if we succeed in these circumstances to eliminate will also change our state of mind and will to fight .
Most often the crisis is caused by poor nutrition on the road and too little fluids adopted. In the second place, it appears the pain some particular parts of the body such as the knee, shoulder, shank etc. In such a situation there are two ways to deal with it or go down for a while with a tour and a massage spread with cream or run away and wait until the pain is gone alone. And the third reason is the general fatigue of the body and the will to fight but in this case the solutions are two first food and liquids as well as a stronger player for which we can pull that is running in his footsteps.
A good solution is also overcoming segments of the food item to the food item instead of the entire route. Rewarded every time you get to the next food item. Treat each episode as another success.
Summarizing. How do you feel that I still do not chew it will run more on the next point and food during the race throws in energy and of course receive ye fluids. If you start to hurt, endures pain assure you that after some time will pass … unless you do not go hihi ? … then call us for support. And in the end …. Remember that the name ultramaratonu GoToHell oblige ….
6 What good practices are used during ultramaratonów.
Depending on the location, temperature, type of surface, terrain are used by ultramaratonistów different practices. Below introduced several best practices that can be used in GoToHell. The first and independent from the rest of the practice is running a minimum in hand. Regardless what would happen on the route the other person in any situation insures us and it is important for us all. Next:
– Before the race is good to smear Vaseline all places exposed to abrasion
– The same applies to the foot in case of rain to minimize the amount of water absorbed
– If it rains it is good to have something that will cover our backpack and protect what we hold in it
– If you will remember sun creams with UV protection
– In the backpack should always be an extra pair of socks, gloves, cap or headscarf
– Obligatory handkerchiefs … a good alternative wipes are a means of moisturizing wash
– See paragraphs nutrition and hydration while running