Tips and hints

Iza Dziedzic is an experienced ultramaratonistkÄ… who ate teeth
distances after 160km. Especially for us gathered some important tips and tricks 🙂

Council race
1) A few days before the race should be aware of:
– Wysypianiu, you can sleep a little longer than normal,
– Consume more fluids than normal, but if you want to drink more water, it is better that she was mineralized water can be mixed with juice, drink juices,
– You can eat a little more carbohydrates, but do not exaggerate, it is not about to fatten up.

2) The day before the race:
– Lie down to sleep as soon as possible, you’ll have to get up in the morning,
– Eat pasta for dinner, can be with meat sauce, can be vegetables or other carbohydrates, they will be food for your muscles in the morning,
– Pack out what I would take:
a) some energy gels in case you sick and do not accept any food, then quietly rush to gels,
b) aspirin, if you would be the heat of the day, it will lower the temperature of your body at the same time if you do not eat never aspirin, it does not take,
c) water in the wineskin, or two water bottles, bottles of 0.5 liters for every 10 km you should drink more than 0.5 liters of drinks, I’d go in isotonic drink, but it is your choice to watch the pic a lot, because liquids allow you to work your muscles,
d) tablets ENERVIT – lozenges, provide a supply of sugar to the brain, so the brain quickly you do not cut off.

3) On the day of the race:
– Be sure to eat something before the race can be a sandwich with peanut butter, chocolate cream, preferably two hours before the start,
– I’d take the backpack also ordinary jelly beans such style haribo give a lot of sugar,
– I think that during the course of a well eat something caloric every 10 km and the same as I do, once in Scott Jurek I read that an hour of effort the body is able to accommodate about 150 calories, so there is not anything more than a stuffed, well, unless you are hungry, it does not run on what gÅ‚odniaka, eat better ourselves,
– For longer runs also taking slices, needle, something to disinfect such tiny wipes are wet wipes, of course, also taking, because sometimes you need to use the toilet,
– I think it is good to lubricate the Vaseline in the groin, behind the knee, and wherever you desire.
– I’d take the backpack gastrolit and drank for the first time on the 20km, then 40km and 60km, remember when the heat must drink a lot more, dehydration can make you have to give up the race, and that no one wants,
– In the case of heat wzięłabym buff on his head and he soaked it in water, and squeeze imposed on the head, but this is my way, not moczcie head directly in the water, it is not safe, every few kilometers moczyÅ‚abym hands and rubbed them face,
– Body probably will you refuse to obey, do not give up easily, then it will hurt the knee, Achilles, biceps, quadriceps, or other party bodies, this is quite normal, so it can not cause your resignation, once you go down and you may find that you will always go down as long as the pain is not rushing and a very terrible need to get used to it,
– After his last run I know that I will always have a backpack spray cooling analgesic, used a salve bengay green cooling, but there is concern that the heat can lead it to a painful allergy, so I would consider.

Best wishes